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1 Comment May 27, 2015

Lemon Scented Gum at Quandialla Canlde Co

I was out walking this morning when I looked up at our enormous Eucalyptus Citriodora (lemon scented gum) in front of our house. It’s my favourite tree on the whole property, and whenever I smell it I am reminded of our home.

Its fragrance is particularly strong after rain, and the leaves have the strongest scent. At the moment its blooming and the pale yellow blossoms are covered in bees in ants.

I released a Eucalyptus Citriodora candle last year because I love the fragrance so much, and it was very popular. I think everyone has a lemon scented gum somewhere that brings back memories. I also use the essential oil to scent our goats milk soap.

This got me thinking about the fragrances and scents that take us back to a very specific place, time or person, and they aren’t always flowers or perfume! Here are some of the strongest ones for me:

WHITE LILLIES and JOHNSONS BABY SOAP: When I had my first baby, a friend gave me a huge bunch of white lillies, and whenever I smell them now, I am taken back to Temora Base Hospital Maternity Ward. Johnsons Baby soap reminds me of bathing my other 2 babies on the day they were born.

FLOWER by KENZO: This perfume is my mother’s favourite and it always reminds me of her. Even though she wore Estee Lauders White Linen for 20 years, it’s Flower that she wears now and the scent that I associate with her. I released a Flower candle two years ago just for her.

WOOL: A strange one, I know, but my husband (thankfully) can’t stand cologne or aftershave, and it’s the earthy smell of wool or lanolin that conjures up images of him. Not sure it would work as a candle fragrance!

GRAPE HUBBA BUBBA: I have a candle called ‘Grape, Violet, Vanilla’ that’s always popular and people always have a sniff and exclaim “Hubba Bubba!” This scent takes me back to my childhood with my best friend Amber who was never without a packet of her favourite flavour.

TURPENTINE: Not everyones favourite smell but for me it evokes a strong memory of my days at the College of Fine Arts in the painting studios. The smell of turps was everywhere, on my clothes and hands, and some of my happiest times were had here.

STENCILS: Remember those purplish printed worksheets you would get in primary school back in the 80s? Everyone would press their faces to the sheets as they were handed out and breathed in the strong inky scent. Not so good for the brain cells, I’m sure! 

I could go on and on but I would rather hear about your scent memories…got any favourites you would like to share? Tell us about it.

1 Comment

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    Denise August 8, 2015 11:12 PM

    Jonquils. Evokes my mother and my Ma Ma, who mum informs me had them growing everywhere. And just for nostalgia....scratch and sniff stickers...always a reason to sit up as straight as possible at primary school.