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New Ceramic Loveliness

1 Comment April 4, 2016

Oh the smooth, cool feel of handthrown pottery (or ‘ceramics’ if you’re feeling correct) is something special.

To hold something in my hands that was formed by another's on a potters wheel from wet clay is artisan appreciation to the max. One can see and feel the little grooves and indentations of a finger, or perhaps a wedding ring. And each piece is slightly different, in shape, size and colour, the glazes doing different things due to the mysteries of the kiln.

Quandialla Candle Co ceramic pots ready to fill

Quandialla Candle Co ceramic pots ready to fill

Quandialla Candle Co ceramic candles ready to go

For these romantic reasons, I approached an amazing potter from Cootamundra named Lyn Cameron (better known as ‘Tiny’). I wanted to make a candle in a special vessel that people could keep as an ornament, a vase, or even a beautiful cup for their morning tea or coffee. We talked about size and shape, as well as glaze colours (which was kept pretty loose and organic because thats how I wanted them). Tiny whipped them up in no time and I couldnt wait to try some new fragrances in them. I finally settled on Rhubarb & Pear; Paperwhite & Clementine; and Spiced Mahogany.

They have turned out beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with my first collaboration with a true artisan. I am hoping to do some more projects with Tiny in the future so keep an eye out for new pieces popping up later in the year.

These candle pots are now available on the website as well as from some selected stockists (contact us via the website to find out if they are in your area).

1 Comment

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    debbie waters April 27, 2016 1:33 PM

    Hi,love your candles.I was wondering if i am able to buy them online?
    With thanks
    PS im a quandi girl grew up there :)