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2016: A year of seriously snazzy stuff

5 Comments December 9, 2016

Every year it seems like I’m saying "Wow, its August already!" and then its December! My blog posts have been few and far between but I am getting this last post of the year out to you all in time for Christmas (and to get out of your hair).

This year at Quandialla Candle Co has been pretty exciting for us (and by us I mean me) for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have now been working in the studio in the village for one year, and enjoying having all the mountains of cardboard in there instead of my home! Its been a lovely space to spread out and pour candles and pack orders, as well as having a chat with my friends who drop in, my family who pass by, and the tourists who poke their heads in and ask if they can have a look. I’m always happy to show people the lovely old Quandialla Cafe, even though she is a bit rough around the edges, and a bit hot in Summer and a bit cold in the Winter...

Four new scents at Quandi Candles

We have also been flat out supplying a lot of new stockists around Australia. We have over 25 stores and galleries stocking our candles and its been great to talk to the people who are doing the hard yards for us...selling the product! We are always grateful for new stockists and even though we aren't taking any more on this year, we look forward to getting to know the ones who have enquired recently when the new year rolls around.

We have had a couple of exciting projects this year, including a collaboration with Red Tractor Designs of Mudgee. They released a candle range this year at the Melbourne trade fair, all made here at Quandialla Candles. We had fun working out a range of fragrances with them as well as seeing our candles out there with the distinctive designs of Rachael Flynn on them.
We are also currently working on a commission with the Grenfell tourism office, getting ready to release a new souvenir candle for them which has a special signature scent, the Brundah Bush Mint. Its a native plant that is endemic to Grenfell and has a fresh eucalyptus and mint scent. This candle will make a lovely keepsake for anyone with ties to Grenfell or just for those passing through looking for a memento.
In other exciting news, we had a photo shoot with Country style magazine back in the Autumn, and the story will be run in the upcoming January issue. I hope there has been some creative shots taken that hide the mess and mountains of washing...not to mention the less "stable" areas of the studio!

We had some fragrance changes to the range this year as well, introducing 3 new scents to the square tins. These were well received at the markets we attended throughout the Spring, which is the best way to get our customers opinions, straight from the horse's mouth! We released a citronella and lemon eucalyptus camping candle in an enamel mug which has been hugely popular already, as well as our annual Christmas Candle which has become such a hit over the past 4 years, it completely sold out before December!

Four new scents at Quandi Candles Four new scents at Quandi Candles

So before I collapse in a heap, I would like to thank all of our customers and stockists who have been so supportive (and extremely patient). Without you, there wouldnt be any Quandialla Candles. Merry Christmas to you all, and stay tuned for more news and fresh new fragrances in the new year.


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    Mellisa Teede February 16, 2017 5:39 PM

    Just purchased one of your beautiful candles from Vintage Rose - it is in a large jar - quince - I love it - the fragrance is truly beautiful. Will you be making more of these? In that fragrance?

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    sryan February 20, 2017 9:40 AM

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the kind comments! It is a gorgeous fragrance, the fowler jars are random fragrances that I do in small batches. I am always happy to help when I get special requests though! If you were after another or in a tin, I could make one up for you. Otherwise, quince is available in a small pastel pot on the website. You can email me at


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    R Bradley April 21, 2017 9:45 PM

    Interesting blog. My family had property at Morangarell and we all went to school at Quandialla. My husband and I took a road trip out to Temora, Morangarell, Quandialla and BArmedman last year. We stopped at Quandialla and had a good look around. Like all country villages a lot of businesses have closed down. Good to read about your business and I plan to call in to the stockist at Wagga Wagga to make a purchase. Where is your studio located in Quandialla? There are certainly a lot of vacant buildings! When we went to school there was a general store, haberdashery shop, Baker shop, service station, cinema, bank, post office, police station, stock and station agent, hospital and even a catholic school! How things change and that was in the 60's! We had intersport days with Bribaree, Bimbee and Caragabal. The hotel had a ladies lounge called the Daffidol room and women were encouraged to have a drink there rather than the main bar. The cafe was interesting and I can remember having a buddy coke and a sneaky ciggie for lunch before going back to school at lunchtime! I think one of the teachers at the school married the cafe owners daughters❤️ Much gossip about that!

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    sryan April 22, 2017 8:06 AM

    Thanks for your comment, R Bradley. There certainly are a lot of ex Quandi people out there with lots of wonderful stories about our quaint little village! What was your maiden name? I grew up near Morangarell on 'Donadabu' and my parents (John and Jan Curry) are still farmers there. My studio is the old cafe! Its very run down these days but it does suit the messy business of candle making. I am usually there on Mondays and Wednesdays during the school terms. I try to be with the kids when its holidays and take a break from the studio, only popping in to post some orders. I wish the village could be as vibrant as it once was but with more corporates buying up large farms, there re far fewer families around. My kids go to the school and there are only 25 kids in it now. But we still have the Bland Sports carnival in the Spring against Bribbaree and Caragabal, and this year is the 75th (I think) anniversary which will be held at Quandialla School. Ex students nd community members re encourahed to attend so if you keep an eye on the Quandilla Public School website and facebook page, you will be kept informed of when it will be held.

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    Ros Bradley April 23, 2017 4:40 PM

    My maiden name was Downey and we lived at McGregors not far from your parents