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  • A Bunch of Fives

    No Comments December 6, 2017

    Hello and welcome and thanks everyone!!

    This little project is pretty much the stuff my bestie, Amber and I talk about to each other. Its stuff we like and are into at any given time and we … Read more

  • 2016: A year of seriously snazzy stuff

    5 Comments December 9, 2016

    Every year it seems like I’m saying "Wow, its August already!" and then its December! My blog posts have been few and far between but I am getting this last post of the year out to you all in … Read more

  • Could it get any wetter?

    No Comments September 12, 2016

    Could it be any wetter? We live in the very flat country which gets really, really sodden because there’s nowhere for the water to go. Hello mud.

    But all this water means something exciting - … Read more

  • Winter is here

    2 Comments June 24, 2016

    I had the best intentions of writing my next blog post with the title “Winter is coming” to paraphrase my current TV indulgence, Game of Thrones. But then all of a sudden, winter was upon … Read more

  • New Ceramic Loveliness

    1 Comment April 4, 2016

    Oh the smooth, cool feel of handthrown pottery (or ‘ceramics’ if you’re feeling correct) is something special.

    To hold something in my hands that was formed by another's on a … Read more

  • Christmas News

    No Comments November 2, 2015

    I say it every year but really... November??? Where did September and October go?

    Exciting news on the candle front from us today, we have our new limited edition Bush Christmas Candle available … Read more

  • Scent Memories

    1 Comment May 27, 2015

    I was out walking this morning when I looked up at our enormous Eucalyptus Citriodora (lemon scented gum) in front of our house. It’s my favourite tree on the whole property, and whenever I … Read more

  • Welcome to our NEW website!

    4 Comments April 20, 2015

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our website...what do you think? The clever folk at Five Hours West have put it all together as well as taking the beautiful photos of our products.  … Read more